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The Daily Yonder: Q&A: Going Viral on TikTok to Performing for a Live Audience, with Folk Artist Odie Leigh

Odie Leigh is a musician from Louisiana whose work – originally popularized on TikTok – has been described as “bedroom folk.” From that categorization, to her mullet, to her rise to fame, the songwriter is quintessential Gen Z. Her classic country and blues inspired songs about overthinking growing up and whirlwind romance are a pleasure.

Evergreen "On The Rise": Odie Leigh fashions the next big folk hit with “Crop Circles”

"There are some songs that brim with the “it” factor within mere seconds, and Odie Leigh’s latest, “Crop Circles,” is at the top of that list."

Skope: The Best Indie TikTok Artists of 2022

"Her songs have reached millions of fans through TikTok, and now that she’s finally releasing music on streaming services, there’s no telling how far young Odie Leigh will climb as a rising indie musician."

Periphery Magazine: From Crawfish to Crop Circles: A Conversation With Folk Musician, Odie Leigh

"Amongst a variety of musicians and creatives, the theme of “not fitting in” seems to be recurrent. For Louisiana-based folk misfit Odie Leigh, there can never be enough lyrics to write about self-identity."

The Michigan Daily: Odie Leigh releases much anticipated ‘Crop Circles’ after nearly a year of waiting

"The familiarity of the story in “Crop Circles” humanizes her work and holds listeners in close — it is palatable and comforting, leaving listeners excited for what she has in store for the future."

Two Story Melody: “Nine Lives” By Odie Leigh: Reflecting On The Cost Of Love

“Nine Lives” succeeds at capturing an emotion that is widely felt but rarely articulated in such clear terms, while also having a poetic element. I would consider this an essential sad girl tune for musing on what it means to lose and find yourself once again, and I can’t wait to hear what Leigh shares with us in the future.  

Mud Magazine: Meet Odie Leigh: Folk Music’s Rising Star

"A conversation with singer-songwriter Odie Leigh about her music, TikTok, and her viral hit "Crop Circles."

Postcard Elba: Week Starter – Odie Leigh

Sublime and poetic without being pretentious, orchestral folk without feeling gimmicky, this is just a perfect song done perfectly

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Ear To The Ground Music: Three acoustic singer songwriters to bring calm this weekend

"It’s timeless and beautiful, yet at the same time has this fresh energy and brightness that stands out. I feel like I’ve heard this on an old record from the 1960s, yet I also feel like it’s a sound that I’ve never heard in my life."

Hellgate Lance: Odie Leigh Releases New Single “Crop Circles”

Tik Tok musician Odie Leigh released her long-awaited single “Crop Circles” on Feb. 18th.

Unxighed: Signled Out: Odie Leigh – “Crop Circles”

"Frank and poignant with just a touch of tenderness."

Laidoff NYC: Our Favorite Songs of January 2021

"Her lyrics meander from the mundane to the metaphorical, and make Leigh seem wise beyond her 21 years... Leigh’s witty yet simple lyrics, accompanied by banjo picking and harmonica, create modern folk anthems steeped in sweet similes and life lessons." —Laura Rostad 

Tuned Up: 5 Rising TikTok Artists We Love

“Crop Circles” opens with a methodical acoustic guitar that dips, floats and twists in the sonic space that it creates. You can feel it spatially, as the track reverberates around your head; it’s like sitting in the room alongside Leigh as she plucks out soft, staccato notes on a hand-me-down six-string.

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